Informative Interview


I take your outdated, boring, or non-existent résumé and transform it into an attractive, keyword-infused, accomplishment-driven career branding document that you're proud to send.

If you want a résumé that sails through the applicant tracking systems, gives hiring managers a reason to call, and—bonus—boosts your confidence, start here.


Did you set up a profile years ago and then ignore it? Understandable. Who needs yet another social media feed vying for attention, right?

But when you’re in job search mode, LinkedIn can be a tremendous resource for job leads.

It's also a powerful tool to nurture relationships with colleagues and customers, gain visibility within your industry, and learn about your next career opportunity (even if you're not actively looking).

So let’s optimize your LinkedIn profile with industry keywords and compelling descriptions, helping you present your best professional self online.

Giving a Presentation


Complete Job Search Package: $895

(Most popular)
Everything you need to launch a successful job search: a targeted résumé, an optimized LinkedIn profile, and a customizable cover letter.

A la carte pricing:

Targeted Résumé: $450
A keyword-infused, accomplishment-driven, and visually appealing marketing tool that will strengthen your position in the job market.

LinkedIn Profile: $350
An optimized profile that will increase your visibility along with helpful tips of best practices.

Cover Letter: $225
A letter of introduction targeted for your first-choice job as well as easy-to-implement strategies on how to customize it for other roles.

Résumé Proofreading: $45
Already have a solid résumé? Let me check it before you send it. My eagle-eye proofreading skills can catch embarrassing spelling mistakes and typos as well as incorrect and inconsistent punctuation and grammar. Your software’s spellcheck won’t catch everything, but I will.



Send me a message. Let's talk about your current situation, where you're headed, and how I can help you get there.