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So You’re Looking for a New Job

You’re motivated. You’re skilled. You are READY for the next step.

You hear about a great opportunity. “Send us your résumé,” they say.

Hope turns to mild anxiety as you wonder . . . where is my old résumé anyway?

Then you find it and a different kind of anxiety settles in. It’s not up to date. It’s not well written. It’s not an accurate reflection of all you have done and all you can do.

Can you write your own? Will it persuade hiring managers to call you? And what about those online application systems? Will your résumé even be seen?

Enter Linda.

Hi, I’m Linda Mulcahy, and I take those outdated, blah documents and transform them into attractive, keyword-infused, accomplishment-driven résumés that people are proud to send.

If you want a résumé that sails through the applicant tracking systems, gives hiring managers a reason to call, and—bonus—boosts your confidence in the job search process, let’s talk.

About Linda

As a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW), I help job seekers reach their career goals by writing exceptional résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other career branding documents.

You know how in middle school kids would go outside after lunch to play tag and flirt? I went to the library to browse the Occupational Outlook Handbook. (Yeah, I was kind of a dork.) But that odd interest eventually led me to professional roles in career education and recruiting.

And those jobs naturally led to Résumé by Linda. For 15+ years, I’ve been helping people in every career stage, from new graduates and corporate climbers to midlife career changers and C-suite executives. It’s a privilege and a joy to help people reach the next step in their professional lives.

I’d love to help you.  Let’s get started.