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I will create documents specific to you and your current needs. Send me your current résumé (if you have one) along with a brief description of your situation and goals, and I’ll work up a price quote. Here are some general guidelines:

Targeted Résumé
Prices start at $250
You will receive a well-written, keyword-infused, accomplishment-driven, and visually appealing marketing tool that will strengthen your position in the job market.

LinkedIn Profile
Prices start at $250
Use this social media platform to your advantage!

Cover Letter
Prices start at $125
A dynamic, individualized cover letter should accompany any résumé that you send to a potential employer. Tell me about your job target, or send me the posting/description, and I will write this all-important letter of introduction for you.

Combine any of these services for reduced pricing.

Résumé Proofreading
Your résumé and cover letter should be perfect. Let me check your current documents for spelling mistakes, typos, incorrect punctuation, and all aspects of grammar. Your software’s spell check won’t catch everything, but I will.

Ready? Let’s get started.
Email: ResumeByLinda@gmail.com