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What exactly is a résumé?
Contrary to popular practice, an effective résumé is not merely a listing of past jobs and responsibilities. A résumé is actually a marketing document, and the goal is an interview.

What do hiring managers look for in a résumé?
Employers want an obvious answer to this question: “Will this person add value to my organization?” What do they NOT want to see? Lack of focus, irrelevant information, dated formatting, misspellings, and typos.

Can’t I write it myself?
Maybe. Some people are capable of writing their own résumés; however, most people are unsure how to “sell” themselves effectively. This is where a Certified Professional Résumé Writer helps tremendously. As a CPRW, I clarify job targets; emphasize achievements, strengths, and transferable skills; write dynamic statements that include important industry-related keywords; avoid typographical, spelling, and grammar mistakes; and format documents so that they are visually appealing and easy to read.

What about using a template?
Using a template or copying a résumé you found online may be tempting. It’s all formatted; just fill in the blanks, right? Wrong. You are unique. Your qualifications are unique. A personalized document is far more effective in highlighting your specific skills and achievements.

What is a cover letter?
A cover letter (also known as a letter of introduction) introduces you and your résumé. Many people find writing a cover letter difficult or even a waste of time (“Why can’t they just read my résumé?”), but many employers expect one with each résumé they receive.

What about a LinkedIn profile?
Are you on LinkedIn? More than 364 million users are. That includes recruiters, potential employers, customers, and colleagues. LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals. Make sure your profile is written with appropriate keywords, readability, and personality.

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