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Why Aren’t They Calling?

Why aren’t they calling?   Do you remember the angst of dating (pre-Tinder and Match.com, that is)? You meet someone you’d like to get to know better. You think you’ve made a good first impression, so you risk giving out your phone number (your real one even!). And then you wait. And you wait some […]

3 Pieces of Timeless Job Search Advice

  If you haven’t looked for a job in the past fifteen years of so, you might be overwhelmed with some of the current advice: Post your résumé on all the online job boards! Get on LinkedIn! Use lots of keywords! Some aspects of today’s job search process are different now, it’s true, but let’s […]

4 (More) Reasons Your Résumé Isn’t Getting Noticed

Piggybacking on the previous post, here are 4 more common (but easily rectified) résumé mistakes. Objective vs. Summary. Back in the day, conventional wisdom said to open your résumé with an Objective. If you, too, are old enough to use the phrase “back in the day,” you know what I’m talking about: “Seeking a challenging […]